The most valuable currencies in the world:

There are some currencies in the world that are more valuable than many countries in Europe and America. We did the most valuable currencies research in dollar terms. We researched how many dollars the local currency of the countries was. We took a total of 16 currencies into the list.

While Arab countries are at the top, European countries are looking for a branch to hold on to .

Here is the value of currencies of different countries against 1 US dollar…

Kuwaiti Dinar (3.23 USD)
Bahraini Dinar (2.65 USD)
Omani Rial ( US$ 2.60 )
British Pound ( 1.11 USD )
Cayman Islands Dollar (1.20 USD)
Euro (0.98 USD)
Swiss Franc (1.01 USD)
Panama Balboa ( 1.00 USD )
Canadian Dollar ( 0.72 USD )
Singapore Dollar (0.70 USD)
Australian Dollar ( 0.64 USD )
Turkish Lira ( 0.054 USD)

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