US general urges military to be ready to fight China

General Mike Minihan of the US Air Force stated that the risk of the US going to war with China because of Taiwan is high, and urged the military to be ready for war.

A US general urged the military to be “ready” for war, saying he believes the risk of the US going to war with China is ” high” over Taiwan .

“I hope I’m wrong. My instincts tell me we will fight in 2025 , ” says General Mike Minihan from the US Air Force . 

Thinking that Chinese President Xi Jinping will have “operation, motivation and opportunity” in 2025, Minihan argued that the 2024 elections in Taiwan will give “a reason” to mobilize China .

Minihan said the 2024 US elections will present a “distracted” US to China .

Minihan urged his soldiers to undergo combat training, including marksmanship.

China conducted a major military exercise around Taiwan in an unprecedented show of strength in retaliation for former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ‘s visit to the island in August 2022.

Source: The economist

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